Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer jobs: 2nd time's the charm?

So tomorrow is the first day of my 2L summer job. I'll be working for an immigration...firm? Legal services organization? What do you call it? I really don't know. I should check their website for a better description, cause that issue ain't gonna stop coming up until I figure it out. I don't want to live out this scene from my current favorite television show on Netflix Wii.

Anyway, I'm starting tomorrow and I am nerrrrrvous!

I haven't heard from the hiring attorney since the job offer, except for a quick email back during finals when he asked me and the other intern to bring in our laptops on our first day. (They have a space issue.) I think I'm going to wear a black skirt from a skirt suit that I got for Xmas (yay! grown-up christmas presents!) and a pair of black pumps I just picked up at Target for $19.99. The problem is the top. I just sent most of my work appropriate clothes over to the dry cleaner for their annual dog-hair removal day. But they won't be back until late tomorrow afternoon. I have a dressy-ish tee that I just picked up, but that may be too casual and too long. I've got a cute blue top but it's sleeveless - big no no. The nice sweaters I have are just unbearable to think about in the humid 90 degree weather that has placed a curse over Big City for the past few days. What to do! Have I mentioned I have outfit anxiety?

The other big question is how I'm going to get to work. It's a good 12 city blocks to my west and about 8 or 10 blocks north of here. I could walk to work with T; he does it every day. But his job is about 6 blocks closer to home than mine. There's the bus that goes north, the bus that goes west... I could walk to the train and transfer... Oh, my. It's a not-fun Choose Your Own Adventure!

And, crap, I just told T I'd clear the table for our 9:35 p.m. Spanish-style late-night dinner. Gotta run now. Be back after it's all over.


HeribertoGarber said...
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JD-Maybe said...

20 points if you can paraphrase what Heriberto Garber said to you in the post above. I hate work attire anxiety but the transportation thing would have me more on edge than the outfit. Today I wore a long sleeve shirt and had to shower when I got home because I was hot and sweaty all freaking day just for the sake of looking professional. Gross! Good luck enjoy the experience. This is the fun part of our path towards world domination ;)