Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spanning time

So the internship is going pretty well. Yesterday, my supervising attorney said they'd like for me to stay on in the fall if I'm interested. Today, she and the paralegal were planning for next year's tax clinic when I was leaving. I popped my head into SA's office to say goodbye, and asked if they wanted me in on the planning call tomorrow. "Well, we were thinking that if you're here in the Spring you could help us at the clinic again next year, so... yes." Cool! Not the tax clinic thing, which doesn't thrill me, but the whole sticking around and working for them thing sounds pretty good. Not only do I like working for a legal aid organization, and not only do I like working with farmworkers, but I especially like the idea of having a "workplace". To keep me grounded when school starts up again, you know? To have something other than law school going on in my life, even if it is law-related!

In other news, T's grandma's service is next Friday (a.k.a. my 28th birthday), so our plans to go camping will have to be postponed. On the other hand, it means that my bridal shower will go on this weekend. It is just SO WEIRD to have such a joyous occasion marked by so much family tragedy. I mean, it's surreal. This was supposed to be the summer of wedding planning and romance (or, more realistically, wedding-related stress). Instead, it's been a summer of health issues and loss, with wedding planning somehow getting squeezed in and coloring the background of everything else. And that's okay. It will be a memorable summer, and I think that all the things that have happened are only serving to remind me and T of all the love we have in our lives, and all the things we should not take for granted. Even more than it did a couple of months ago, the thought of having all my friends and family gathered together in celebration really lifts my heart these days. Even if my Tio and T's grandma can't be there, their spirits will certainly be with us on that day.

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CP said...

That's great news about the organization wanting you to stay on! It totally helps to have another thing going for you so that law school doesn't consume your life and drag you into pits of despair. Well said about the tragedies reminding you of the love you have with you fiancee. It must be really hard though. Keep staying positive!