Monday, July 6, 2009

Multiples of 7

I am now 7x4 years old. My birthday was celebrated on the same day as America's, since my actual birthday was spent at a funeral service for T's grandma, which was a surprisingly nice way to pass the day (honoring and hanging with loved ones). On July 4th, T's parents had us, along with T-bro and his GF on their sailboat. I spent most of the trip chatting with T-mom about wedding plans. Since she spent the last month nursing her suddenly terminally ill mother, she was eager to reconnect with happier thoughts of our upcoming celebration. The rest of the sailing excursion I spent drinking beers and imagining future children running around pulling ropes and saying things like "tighten the jib!" and "crank the wench!" and other phrases that only make me giggle. After doing some brief genealogical research, I learned that T's family roots are buried deep in the sandy earth of the Eastern Shore on both sides. He comes from a salty past. I like that.

I also drew out a list of the 30 things I want to do before I turn 30, but promptly lost it. I will try to recreate it here... If I don't get to all 30, I will at least try to fulfill the ones I do remember. I decided that I've done like a million really awesome things in my life, and I'm not dying to do a lot right now. There are only a few very big things I want to do, none of which felt right on a list of items to check off. (Hello, "Get my JD"!) So, anyway... here they are, in no particular order:

1) Read the New Testament
2) Plant a (herb?) garden
3) Perfect grandma's chicken and rice
4) Learn to cook Ajiaco
5) Attend Catholic mass in Italian and Spanish (neighborhood churches around here do that sort of thing)
6) Get a Brazilian wax
7) Be able to do a new hairstyle (no ponytails)
8) Introduce T to my Colombian relatives
9) Learn to hem / basic sewing
10) Record my dad's life story
11) Visit my bro in CO or wherever he is
12) Run in a race
13) Play on an intramural/community sports team
14) Get a bike
15) Go back country camping
16) Go fishing
17) Spend a night dancing at a Latin music club
18) Shoot a roll of film & frame a new picture for my walls
19) Take a Tae Kwon Do class
20) Take a yoga class
21) Publish a zine
22) Ride a wave on a surf board

That is all I can remember now. If I remember more, I will post them. For now, I think I have a good list of things to get started on! I'm kind of excited -- this could be my ticket to getting off the computer and out the door!

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