Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"101" Things To Do Before I Die

...okay, more like 61. And I wrote this circa May 2000, when I was a freshman in college, not in high school. While I am entering these without any added commentary, rest assured I am not keeping a straight face while typing! "X"s by the ones I've done!

1. Read the Bible (the WHOLE thing!)
2. Go to the Serenghetti
3. Get married
4. Have kids
5. Meet Billy Corgan
XX Travel cross country w/friends
7. Publish a book
8. Be on the Price is Right
9. Sell a photograph (or 20)
10. Get my doctorate
11. Bike across the county
12. Write a song to be played by a band
XXX Learn how to dance
14. Take pictures for a newspaper / Life-Time mag.
XXX Go on a shopping spree (guilt-free?)
16. Learn recipe to chicken & rice (and perfect it)
17. Live on the ocean / by the sea
18. Live in Europe (Spain...? Nerja...?)
19. Get physically fit - able to run a mile, do pull ups!
XXX Visit relatives in Colombia
21. Own a boat!!!
22. Fly a plane
XXX Learn a foreign language (and be FLUENT)
24. Invest $ in the stock market!
XXX Get high
26. Go to Mardi Gras
27. Bungee-jump!
28. Go hiking in the Eastern Hemisphere
29. Go to Australia
30. Go scubadiving
31. Learn how to surf
32. Go camping in the wild (not a campground)
33. Do Peace Corps
34. Create a social services program
XXX Skinny dip co-ed!
XXX Get drunk and XXXXXXX [okay one censorship :) ]
37. Travel w/my dad
38. Get to know [my older brother] and his family
XXX Karaoke at a K. bar
40. Adopt a child
41. Foster care
XXX Kiss a girl
43. Be happy at 70
44. Volunteer at an AIDS clinic
XXX Befriend a person completely unlike me that I wouldn't normally be friends with
XXX Try being a vegetarian
47. Swtich to an organic diet
48. Run for political office
49. Beat Mario in under 5 min.
XXX Confront my parents about the past
51. Learn the truth
52. Have & maintain faith
XXX Be a regular (at a diner/coffee shop, e.g.)
XXX Get to know my Goddaughter
XXX Get in touch and attempt to rekindle friendships with friends from youth.
XXX Stay friends with F for life
57. Get a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
58. Learn to play the drums
59. Work at McDonalds
XXX Drink moonshine
XXX Teach photography to underprivileged kids

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