Friday, December 5, 2008

blog and roll

yay! my "first" "final" is tomorrow. by "first" I mean first since class ended. we had a pass/fail litigation basics exam a few weeks back, so i've already had the pleasure of sitting through one exam. and by "final" I mean a test. but it's not a graded test, so the extent of my preparation for this final was to read over an outline that was created by me and three other classmates, with varying degrees of success. my module, i like to think, was very helpful. still, this is the least stressful of the tests that are coming up over the next three weeks.

which is why i am sitting at the computer finally getting around to adding some links to my blog. there are a bunch of blogs that i like to read, mostly law blogs, but some that are just random blogs i accidentally stumbled across. slowly but surely, i plan to add to the list. this is actually a productive use of my time, because i won't spend several minutes each day clicking through other people's sites in order to find the blogs i want to read.

i wonder if i should be doing more to get ready for this test. but i kind of feel like if i don't know it by now, cramming for the next hour isn't going to do much to help. so: glass of water, maybe a round of super mario bros. 3 and then to bed. but i won't fool myself. this may be the last night of normal sleep i have. after tomorrow, i suspect my days are going to get darker.

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