Friday, October 3, 2008

i'm calling this day quits

god bless my heart, i tried my darndest but i just couldn't quite get it done.

i've learned a lesson though. when a memo is due in two days, and i sit down in front of the computer and vow to myself to get it all done, and then i don't, it's not because i'm not working hard enough. t helped me to realize this yesterday when after several hours of attempting to concentrate (and, okay, one beer) i flopped myself down on the floor and he commented on how hard i was working. "no i'm not," i muttered. and as i heard my words, i realized how ridiculous they were. yes, i am. i am working damn hard. i'm working my ass off, actually. i'm just not getting where i need to be. and why? because i'm not working smart.

i had no excuse for waiting until two days before a memo was due to crack down on it. not that this is any new trend. it's just that in college, like in high school, it was no big thing to stay up all night working on a paper. i mean, yes, it was a pain. but it was a pain from which i could easily recover. this, though. this is me looking down at a future in law and realizing that if i don't get my act together, this is the kind of stress i'll be putting on myself my whole working life. it's unnecessary. i feel a different kind of incentive to change my strategy. now, i just hope i can get my act together to actually put it into practice.

tomorrow, when i turn in my memo, i'll get the next assignment. that one will be graded. that's when i'll get to put the pedal to the metal and get things done for america. i mean, for me. whoops. for a second there, i fell asleep.

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