Monday, September 1, 2008

A quick aside

I am struggling with some identity issues. That is to say, I feel weird being a student again and I feel uncomfortable with myself for being 27 and not interested in a lot of the things in which I'm "supposed" to be interested. I'm tired of harping on this theme, but I am also trying to break myself of the habit of discounting my feelings. So there you go.

Law school subjects are interesting and have managed to maintain my attention, which is a good sign still. I'm not regretting my decision to study the law, as it's definitely an area that captures my fancy. I just want to stay on top of my other interests and remember why I came here. I'm not prepared for all the law students in my section to become my second family, or for my life to revolve around the various happy hours that are taking place around the city as I type this entry.

This week, I have two personal goals:
1) Keep updating my other blog on immigration raids, and
2) Hustle down to this little center I've been hearing about that works with the local transnational Mexican community to see if I can volunteer somehow.

Perhaps I'm crazy to try and be a first year student and have a life outside of school. Or maybe that's all just hype. I'm still waiting to find out.

The neighborhood continues to charm. Yesterday, while circling around a nearby park, I witnessed some intense streetball on the outdoor courts, a lively game of Hide-and-Go-Seek on the playground and what appeared to be that mysterious game known as Bocce Ball being played by a bunch of twenty-somethings on the soccer/softball field.

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