Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Checking in

School continues to be a challenge, albeit a fun challenge. I read all about that guy who sued Pepsi for specific action on a breach of contract after he tried unsuccessfully to redeem 7,000,000 Pepsi points for the Harrier jet from the commercial. I read the one about the unfortunate kid who got sued and lost after he lightly kicked a classmate's leg across the aisle of the classroom to get his attention and the classmate's leg fell off. In Criminal Law, we started out the course with a brief meditation on cannibalism. I can't say the reading is dull.

I have been wanting to write a little in my blog about the concepts I'm learning, so that I can practice making the law more accessible to non-legal professionals, and also so that I can further process what I'm learning. For example, today in Torts we talked about the Eggshell-skull rule, which is basically the rule that if you commit an intentional tort (unwanted contact such as a battery) you are responsible for whatever consequences happen, regardless of whether you could have foreseen them. So the poor kid who tapped his friend's leg with his toe had to pay for all the medical costs and damages when his friend's leg went bad and fell off from infection. And if you happen to throw a snowball at your friend's head, and her skull is thin as an egg-shell, you're in big trouble.

T is back from walking the dog and making calls now. We're working on this life-balance thing, day by day. He's got his own struggles, which mostly pertain to finding a job (read: money) and fulfilling work (read: printing press). By the end of the day, we are both ready to watch some TV on the DVD (read: The Wire).

I think I need to add the disclaimer before I post that nothing I say in this blog should be construed as legal advice. This is information about law school only, so please find a good lawyer if you have a legal question. If you don't have one, I know a few good ones who could probably help you out.

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