Thursday, June 12, 2008

Off to see the Wizard...

T and I have decided to move to Oz. I don't remember why I came up with that name for the school I will be attending. Something he said last night made me joke about it, and at the time I thought, "That'll be handy if I decide to blog about this anonymously." I'm wondering in the back of my head if and when this space will make the transition from blog to blawg. I've been having so much fun reading other people's blawgs that I feel compelled to jump in and join the fray.

So... Oz it is. A scary place, for sure. But I'm hoping it will be, if not a magical journey, at least a manageable one.

And that's all I can write about that right now. After months turned to weeks turned to days of excruciatingly nit-picky observations about various turns our lives could take, we woke up this morning ready to just take the (law school) plunge.

Or more accurately, T, dressed sharply in his go-to-work clothes, and gazing politely past my pink-bathrobe-clad frame, leaned in to tell me with a confidence he mustered out of God-knows-where, "We'll be okay..." He kissed my cheek and added, "...because you're too pretty."

I'm not sure I trust his reasoning, but whatever keeps us moving at this point. I love him.

Bombs away!

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