Thursday, June 19, 2008

Highlights (for Kids)

CM and the gang are well on their way back North by now, and I am left recovering from three nights of sleeping on the floor. It was a really nice visit. I got to see my goddaughter for the first time since C & R's wedding four years ago. Back then, K was only 3 years old and we were pretty preoccupied with the wedding, so I didn't have much of a chance to get to know her. Before that, my only post-partum visit with K had been the time C came down to shop for wedding dresses and K was just a baby, crawling all over the trains and trying to eat tiaras in David's Bridal.

This visit, K is seven and a half, full of enthusiasm and excitement, and very affectionate. She took to me right away, and dragged me around the amusement park on Tuesday, trying to pull me ahead of everyone else so we could be the first in line for all the roller coasters. We rode: the Scooby Doo (or as K called it, the Scooby Doobie), the Rebel Yell, the Hurler, the Grizzly, Ricochet and the Anaconda (and I also rode the Dominator (or as K called it, the Denominator), the Shockwave, and the Volcano). Every time we got on a roller coaster, she started to scream as soon as our seat neared the top. Sometimes her screams took the form of words, like, "I want my mommy!" or "I don't like this!" But inevitably, as the ride came to an end, she turned to me and bounced in her seat, jabbering, "Letsdoitagainletsdoitagaincanwedoitagain!!"

As fun as it was to hang out with K, she wasn't much of a surprise. Her personality is very much like her mom's, although C swears her daughter somehow inherited many of my idiosyncracies. The girl is a spitting image of C, and has the same precocious attitude I remember from when C first moved into the house next door.

On the other hand, I must have been a small letdown to K. Apparantly, she was expecting me to have wings.


It's back to thinking about law school. The last few days have been a pleasant break from the anxious scrambling to find an apartment, plan a move and create a plan to prep for school. Yes, I plan to be one of those people that preps. It's amazing to me that there is actually a controversy over whether or not to prepare before school starts. After all, you can prep and also have fun. It doesn't have to be all or nothing.... right?

If this pre-move, pre-1L era were a roller coaster, I wonder what name it would have.

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