Friday, April 16, 2010

Crawling out of the hole

Ok, ok. I feel better now. Trial's over. We only prevailed on one of our four counts, if you go by the jury's verdict. But if you go by how badly I owned my cross-examination of the defense's star witness, I'd say we kicked royal behind. :P I love cross-examining. I got good feedback on my closing too, though I caught myself vouching a couple of times, which is a big no-no according to my last semester trial ad professor.

At the end of the trial, as we were packing up to head to the bar, the Judge asked me to hang back a second. "Ms. JE, can I speak with you privately a moment?" It took me a little while to figure out how to reach him, on account of we were in an Article III courtroom, and I still don't understand how the Judge gets to his bench.

Anyway, I eventually figure out where the secret door in the wood panel wall was located. So I slipped back stage, where the Judge in his black robes told me I should audition for Trial Team. He thinks I have skillz and need to build on them. I didn't get into it with him how I was brutally rejected this past fall. I was too flattered that he was going to give my name to the Team coordinators as one of his recommendations. That's a win in my book!

Now I am done with two of my six classes, and when I get this final paper in on Tuesday, I'll be halfway there. I just ran into 3L at the coffee shop where I'm writing this, and she said, "If you think you're doing the bare minimum now, just wait. Next year, you'll be taking slacking to a new level." Somehow, that's comforting to me. Haha.

With my new prescription filled (and 6 refills, to boot!), warm days, a few classes under my best and the weekend ahead of me, things are feeling slightly better round these parts.

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