Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grumble, grumble...

I waited until precisely 7:45 p.m. on Monday night to begin the assigned "re-write of a Supreme Court decision in light of recent developments in the law" that is due tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. And by "begin" I mean starting to figure out which SCOTUS opinion to re-write and why and what the hell I'm supposed to say. Not begin writing.

Thankfully, it's only a draft due tomorrow. I get to re-write my re-write before it's graded. This is the last one of those softball assignments though, so I need to thinking a little ahead.

Seriously, this is NOT NORMAL for a 2L without a summer job to be doing, right? I mean, what is wrong with me. I feel fine, for the most part, but I just don't want to be doing all this work. During the day, when I'm procrastinating or trying to talk myself into getting back to business, I have little conversations in my head about why I'm slacking off. I wouldn't call them pep talks. I'd say they are more like therapy sessions.

Me: "Why are you so obstinate, JE? What happened to you?"
Me: "I just don't want to work."
Me: "But why? You were doing so good! You even made Deans List the last two semesters."
Me: "Yeah, so maybe I'm a genius. I don't need to work that hard."
Me: "You're a cocky sumbich, that's for sure. Get your act together!"
Me: "But I'm mad. I don't want to."
Me: "Why are you mad?"
Me: "Because I don't want to have to do all this work. Why should I have to?" *pouts*
Me: "...Because you signed up to go to law school. And some thing about having a good career for your future family and being a good role model to your future kids."
Me: "Yeah."
Me: "Yeah."
Me: "I'm going to get a cookie from the 24-hour cookie truck."
Me: "Wait up!"

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