Friday, May 1, 2009


okay, if you sound it out correctly, my blog entry title should sound precisely like the noise of a jet engine crashing and burning. because that is what i did. all. day. and the worst part? my exam is still here. with me. living inside my computer. all i have to do is suddenly KNOW con law, and i could fix it all up. right now. except.. it's a little late for that, folks. so, instead, i'm blogging at one in the morning, one hour after leaving the library in a state of confused resignation. (wasn't it just five o'clock?) in the morning, i will wake up, re-read what i wrote, try not to panic, and then print it out in a hurry so that i can turn it in on time. at least i have a one-up on last semester's memo. this time i've checked the word limit before five minutes before i have to walk out the door. score one for me.

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