Tuesday, April 28, 2009

law school crazy

I'm maybe turning into a law school monster. I'm mad. Here's why. Because apparently 25 (twenty-five!) students got private seminar on tomorrow's take-home Con Law exam, from the man himself. All these study groups and random individuals were corralled into a seminar room to do a private Q & A with the professor about last year's take home, which fine, props to them for being on top of their game and able to discuss an old exam with the professor in time to get something useful out of it. That doesn't make it fair for all of them to get to pick his brain with questions about what he's looking for on tomorrow's test, does it? I used to think it was kind of annoying that my other professors would take up 10 minutes of class time answering unasked questions about the exam, simply because somebody dropped by her office at one point and said something that sparked a question. But now I see the point was to actually put us all on a level ground when it comes to what we know about the test.

And why would a professor who takes his cue from The Paper Chase do that? Why? Cue maniacal, desperate laughter.

And on top of all that, tomorrow we get the take-home and we aren't supposed to use supplements to help us. Only our outlines. Except this: For a great many of my classmates, the supplement is the internet. Specifically, wikipedia. And he never said we couldn't use Wikipedia, so... can we? I don't want to. But I don't want to be behind everyone else in my sources. I actually for half a second thought about how easy it would be to sabotage the Wiki with some fake holding or something... But no. I'm not devious. I'm just whiny.

Trying to take T's advice now. Remembering to breathe.

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CP said...

OMG!!! Sabotage WIki! that is sooo funny and cruel. That is totally unfair about the other students getting time with the prof. I hope your test isnt curved- is it? law school finals do crazy things to people.