Sunday, May 17, 2009

train's a'comin...

Just so life doesn't get lost in the passing of time (and because I still have plenty of write-on work to avoid).... a recap of my weekend.

On Friday night, a momentous occasion happened when I was successfully able to hang out with law school friends AND T (along with Best Man & Woman) at the same time for more than 45 uncomfortable minutes! We made a plan ahead of time to swing by a classmate's birthday party but to continue on with our night at other bars downtown, hopefully meeting up with other friends. Instead, we had dollar drinks at the bar up the street from our apartment, along with Best Woman, then walked up to the basement pub for the birthday party. When we got there, we were among the first ones to arrive, and settled in to one of the cooler (read: not crowded, filled with annoying drunk dudes and super-expensive "lagers") bars for the night. Eventually, we were joined by Best Man and one of his band mates, along with several people from my section, who congregated in one corner of the place. It turned out to be a lot of fun (and tall boys), mainly just chatting with my buddies and wandering over to be sociable with school people from time to time. I felt in my element, personally, and in the sense that I was getting face-time with "colleagues" which brings its own sense of enjoyment. Plus, T and I kicked some ass at slide-hockey!

Saturday, we went to a crazy neighborhood festival at the curb market up the street from our house, where I ate: ravioli, pizza slices, cannolis and water ice, and drank a bunch more beers. Also, I got to meet Vito from the Sopranos! Sweet! Then we walked back to the apartment and slept for a long time. Eventually, I woke up, worked on write-on stuff for approximately 20 minutes and began cooking a dinner that we sat down to eat around 11:00 at night.

Today was lounge-around time. Late breakfast. Sunday paper. Walk to Starbucks to do more write-on stuff. Best Man came over for dinner at our place. Baked brownies for T's birthday tomorrow. Played some Boggle. Now, just chilling (aka avoiding more write-on work). Tomorrow, I actually have to start writing. Eek.

On Tuesday, I am taking a 15-hour train ride down south to visit my sister and watch my second-oldest niece graduate from high school. I can't believe she is actually graduating. *I* was just graduating from high school! How is this happening? Seriously. Anyway, I plan to use the train ride to finish writing my note, then fed-ex it or have T print it and deliver it to the school on Thursday. I'll figure those pesky details out later... More importantly, I am excited about the dining car!

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CP said...

wow, that made me exhausted! It always feels good to go out and be social. Sometimes I just feel good going out and "being seen." Yummy, that Italian food is making me hungry!