Wednesday, May 13, 2009

defrost / unfreeze

my non-law school mind is starting to come back to life. slowly.

the jack-and-jill move my dog pulled on me yesterday has not been a major set-back, thank God. i went to campus today to pick up materials for write-on and to see if my knee could be examined at the free clinic. turns out, nothing appears to be broken or severely misplaced. just a serious "contusion" (bruise), so i'm good to go on with my vacation-enjoying!

which, of course, means freaking out about wedding plans!! so, i need to figure out flowers, officiant, contracts on the ceremony and reception sites, catering contract, music for the reception, cake details (we're doing homemade all-cake centerpieces + wedding cake), what the heck is actually going to happen during the ceremony (aka readings), and probably a bunch of other stuff i'm not thinking about. t is helping with much of this, including taking on the invitation stuff himself. which he is freaking out about in his own right. we are both having wedding nightmares, and neither of us are the "type" of people we'd expect to freak out about wedding details! so it's kind of funny.

and way more exciting and fun than write-on, which is just reading 400 pages of case law and then writing a "note" about it. (and by "note" they mean a 20-page paper analyzing, evaluating and predicting the outcome of a court opinion.) i'm so not stressing about that though. write on can KMA, for all i care, because if it's not graded, and there's not a final, it's not worth the silver hairs that are sprouting out of my scalp with greater frequency these days.

ahhh...not being in class.

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