Thursday, May 7, 2009

as the rain falls.

okay, okay, okay. i should stop blogging about Luis Ramirez and problems with the Shendo trial. but i'm be keeping my eye on that case for sure. today the DOJ acknowledged they are looking into pursuing hate crime charges against the "kids".

but aside from that, i am actually doing other things. well...thing. singular, not plural. i'm studying. all day every day, more than i did last semester even at exam time. t and i went out to dinner last night and i was complaining about how dull everything seems. he pointed out to me that i am in the middle of what feels like finals "month" rather than finals "week" (as the rain continued to pour down on the sidewalk, on the 5th gray day in a row). i've been laying out my books and highlighters and E&Es and the laptop every morning and stretching across the floor to outline, and it does appear to be working. i do feel like i knew what i was talking about when i went into my property exam. and i feel like i'm grasping some of this whole procedure they call "civil" now. the one really good thing about tanking my con law exam is that nothing feels quite so bad in comparison. ever the optimist, i am.

so, i'm taking a well earned break to watch a little tv on the internet. and then i'm going back to figure out the particulars of the Erie doctrine. again.

oh yeah, our wedding website is up. exciting! t's brother did it for us. so that's pretty awesome. he not only designed the site, but he also did the drawings for the background. my brother said "it's very indie rock." haha. he would say that.

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