Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a little optimism back in the mix

i don't feel like getting away anymore. i feel better. thank you for indulging my rant, internet. today was the first of my last classes. International Law. in honor of the beginning of the end, here is a list of some things i like about finals time:

1. a built-in excuse to sit for long periods of time in cozy spaces, such as the couch, a coffee shop or a hidden corner of the library.
2. camraderie around school, especially when it takes the form of free food at random hours of the day and night (e.g. the black law student association's free coffee, doughnuts and snacks from 6:30-8:30 tomorrow night).
3. not having to buy tokens to go to school on the train every day because i can do all my work at home.
4. feeling more productive than i have all semester, and that feeling that everything is all starting to come together and make some sense (or at least the anticipation of hopefully, eventually getting that feeling).
5. moments when i am not studying feel so much sweeter, especially when i am watching tapes with T in the living room at night.
6. baking and ordering pizza as "rewards" for studying.

okay, that's it. i'm not gonna push it. six good things about law school finals. pretty good. now, i have to finish my Con Law and Civ Pro reading for the semester. good night.

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