Friday, March 6, 2009


Life is chugging along up here in our little fire-trap apartment. There was a minor wedding-related fracas earlier this week that caused me to cry out "Oh my God!" in the middle of the library (mom sent e-mail to T after misinterpreting something he said over the weekend and giving her unsolicited advice about what he should be doing, then sent me an ex post e-mail as a heads up). I had to draw some boundaries in a pinch, but luckily T was not nearly as shaken up about the whole thing as I was. I think we're all back on track now. Most importantly, I want my family to know that T and I are a team on this wedding business, and for T to know that I have his back. Secondly, I want my parents and T to have a really good relationship, which I think they do have, and which is also why my mom felt comfortable going directly to him with concerns. As I said a few times this week already, I now know we're really getting married: there's drama.

Seriously, though, things are pretty good. Spring break for me starts this afternoon, which is actually a somewhat unhappy development, as it means my brief is due in two short weeks. But I intend to fully enjoy the time off, starting with our trip down to VA to visit T's parents and old friends. I haven't left the Big City since we got back from Christmas vacation, and I am longing to get out of here for a bit. I miss country music radio and homemade (by other people) dinners and the color green.

Also, I read this really long front page article on Twitter in the news yesterday. If that doesn't say something about the state of print newspapers, the world must be much more uneventful than I thought. But it did make me a bit more curious about the buzz that I have written off for so long. I've seen a few other bloggers getting into Twitter, so I guess I'll have to do my research and figure out how its used. Show me an opportunity to publicly share my thoughts on mundane happenings throughout my day, and I'll show you ground breaking analysis on law professor humor.

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CP said...

it's good to think of yourselves as a team and let others know thats how it is! weddings can bring out the crazy in everyone!