Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aisle show you mine...

Over the weekend, T and I went out with a bunch of people from my section as part of a birthday celebration. It was not that fun. I like most of the people in my classes and have a good time hanging out and interacting with them at school. I enjoy the opportunity to socialize off campus and without the heavy casebooks. I'm happy to throw back some beers on a Friday night. But I have a hard time with the integration of law school & my "real" life. Outside the confines of the law school building and its immediate surroundings, hanging out with my classmates in a group setting feels like a throwback to college. It's kind of like how when I lived at home with my parents for a while as an adult, it felt like I was transported back to being in high school. It's a situation ripe for regression. Basically, I have all kinds of social hang ups and my preferred method of dealing with them is to avoid contact with the world when the circumstances do not allow for my control. I'd like to be better at having meaningful interactions with others, but I tend to not allow myself that risk.

Meanwhile, wedding planning is turning into a stereotype that is endearingly frustrating, entertaining and infuriating. We have not gotten past the very basics. Last night, we argued and I cursed and had to apologize, all the while imagining a red "B" branded on my forehead a la Bridezilla. I'm not trying to act like a television character on a Lifetime reality show. But when I used the word "aisle" last night and T said, "wait - aisle? who said anything about an aisle?" my head almost exploded. I really like this handsome man who lives in the same apartment as me, but I can't seem to figure out what planet he comes from or what language he's speaking. I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about me.

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