Wednesday, February 18, 2009

woo hoo!!

I gots a job-ah! I gots a job-ah!

*end song*

I had an interview with a local legal aid office that has a farmworker program yesterday. It seemed to go well. The interview ended earlier than I expected, which is usually either a very good sign or a very bad sign. In this case, I took away vibes that it had gone well. Went home, did very little reading and a lot of clipping from a stack of wedding magazines a classmate gave me, then decided to check my e-mail around ten at night, where I found... the offer!

So, I haven't even written them back yet, but I am going to. This is exactly the type of job that I came to school to do. It's a little weird in that they receive federal funding so are limited to the clientele they can serve (aka no undocumented people), but they are sensitive to that and partner with other organizations so as to not have to flat out turn people away. And I'll get to do safety and health stuff and work on bringing workplace rights to a vulnerable population of workers. I might even get to take a trip across this vast state to visit farms in parts of the country I've never visited before. With this news, how am I supposed to concentrate on the second half of my semester?

Oh, well. There are worse problems.

Life continues to move along. The hour that T and I spend together in the evenings before I get to work is usually consumed by board games, my favorite way to pass time. Last night we played Trivial Pursuit and I lost in a sudden-death pie-off at the end. We ate leftover beans for dinner, in a true homage to this recession and our meager "putting in our dues" income. Somehow, I managed to get T to say, indignantly, "Hey, I'm the one who gets to make Who Moved My Cheese? jokes." I don't even remember what that was supposed to mean.

Obviously, I am far too wired for 9:15, and it's going to be one of those days where I can hardly concentrate on getting work done. Oh well.


MJV said...

That is sooooooooo exciting!!!!! What an awesome opportunity. You lucky girl. :-) Congratulations! Hope you are out celebrating.

CP said...

yay! congrats on not only getting a job- but a job you WANT!