Thursday, February 26, 2009

sallying forth

i'm starting to worry. for about a week now the inside of my head has looked something like this:

seriously. this is not a "law school reading is dry" problem either. i was up until 1 in the morning yesterday because i had it in my head to write out the previous blog post. i downloaded oregon trail to my cell phone yesterday. i completed an entire crossword puzzle, a sudoku and all but the final answer of that stupid jumble puzzle during con law. and, as previously noted, i am way too concerned about sally forth:

i wonder whether this is medicine-induced. back to trying to focus on property. i am struggling this week.


CP said...

They make Oregon Trial for cell phones?!?!? OMG!!!! SWEEEEEET! I think it's just cabin fever- at least that has been my problem lately.

KG said...

I'm with Cee and totally want Oregon Trail. Definitely going to check into an app for that ...

And by the way ... law school SUUUUCKS!