Monday, February 9, 2009

con(ned by) law (school)

i felt like crap after con law today. that class makes me feel so stupid and frustrated. i worked so hard to catch up over the weekend. (okay i only worked on sunday, but still... i worked HARD!) and then we blow through 9 cases in one class and i leave class behind all over again. ugh. on top of that, i just don't feel like i'm *getting* it. this is worse than torts.

then, i walk through the door to our apartment building and the stairway smells like death. something disgusting, a mix between mold and rotting food, is stinking up the entire walk to our apartment door. by the time i get to the top of the stairs, i'm not sure if the smell has disappeared or it's just not noticeable because it's everywhere. but i entered the house a few minutes ago feeling like we're living in a sealed off cave with stagnant air, and i'm dying to open all the windows, but too tired and not sure if it's warm enough yet.

on the bright side, it is sunny, although you'd never know it from our dark apartment. more easy to appreciate is the fact that my precious dog, who was so happy to see me just a few minutes ago, has now settled at my feet, on top of all of t's paperwork in his office (sorry, t), and is snoring away, already back asleep. how lovely. i think i'll join him.

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CP said...

I remember feeling the exact same way in con law! You will survive it (even if you dont understand it)!!! Good luck!