Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's been one week

I was thinking the other day about how when I was a teenager I wrote in a diary every single day, on the theory that if I wrote even a little bit about each day, no day would completely disappear into the oblivion of the murky past. Probably I was laying in bed, about to fall asleep when this thought occurred to me: What is the one thing I should remember about today so it will stand out for the rest of my life?

In that spirit, I'm giving myself this challenge. Going back a week, can I name one thing that happened each day? Let's see..

Yesterday, Monday: On the train ride to school, I got a text message from T referencing the HBO mini-series on John Adams: "I shall endeavor to be more patient." I laughed out loud, amidst a bunch of strangers.

Sunday: We went to an art space in a warehouse district of the city to listen to people read zines on the radio as part of an art show. Did not watch the Superbowl.

Saturday: Went to my law school's basketball game against my hometown, where T and I tried to have serious conversation while sitting in the nosebleeds and then came home and collapsed in a pile to watch John Adams on the couch.

Friday: Got into a big fight with T that centered around his desire to fix my computer monitor and my insistence that he STOP this instant. Fell asleep in bed by 10:30.

Thursday: Went out to drinks with classmates after Civ Pro, a refreshing break from a week of intense studying. Came home and did nothing.

Wednesday: Did not make any effort to watch Lost because I was at home studying. T & I laid on the couch talking for an hour and I really liked it.

Tuesday: T & I resolved to spend an hour together each day just spending time together - not counting cooking/eating dinner or watching movies. We played dominoes on the floor.

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