Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our new apartment

Not that we have left our old apartment. As T so artfully put it, we are "homeful" right now. The old apartment has approximately the following: one extra long couch (hopefully to be purchased by an interested craigslist peruser before September 1st), two CPUs, one computer monitor, a kitchen table (soon to be banished to the curb), some cans of Pringles and a whole lot of dog fur.

As of close of day Wednesday, our new apartment currently furnishes our (same old) queen mattress and box spring, one of our green chairs, a sofa-bed left by the old tenant, our TV, many many book shelves, one very confused dog and a couple of friends who came up to help move. The friends are T's best friend and his best friend's bandmate. They are also considering a move to Oz, which would be cool, though the jury is still out on whether the move will actually materialize.

Not one to reveal my hand too early in the game, I'm not quite sure yet what I can and can't say about this place. It doesn't feel real yet, though in some ways it feels completely natural. Natural in the sense that a really big hotel room in a city where you're vacationing feels natural. Natural, but not permanent; not a replacement for your "real" life, just a nice change of pace. I do enjoy the front windows from which I can gaze into the second and third floor apartments of my neighbors. And stooping is fast on its way to becoming my new hobby (and favorite verb). There are some nice parks within walking distance, and looks like there will be some good places to eat, drink and be (yeah I said it) merry. Though we did accidentally run up an $80 tab at a dive bar around the corner tonight, thanks to a couple of $20 pitchers of beer! WTF.

Anyway, T and E are out on the stoop winding down, A is wearing in our new-to-us pull-out sofa, and I am about to curl up with some exciting reading: Sloan's Basic Legal Research and Writing. Not sure, but I think I have to read the first two chapters for the first day of class on Tuesday. I also have to brief Gideon v. Wainwright. Brief. I already feel like I'm speaking some alienating lawyer language, and I don't even know what I'm talking about. Que chulo!

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