Thursday, July 3, 2008

the birthday girl

For the first time ever, I feel sad on my birthday. This kind of sucks, and it's taken me by surprise. But today, I am kind of disappointed. Or maybe, I'm just feeling nostalgic and sentimental, in the way that aches a little.

I used to celebrate my birthday with a big party that was not really a celebration of me at all, but rather a celebration of friendship and summer. People would bring bottlerockets and tanks and whistling dixies and in lieu of presents, we would set off fireworks amidst the ring of cars that crowded around the cul-de-sac we affectionately called "the Circle" (as in, "Bye, Mom! I'm going to ride my bike at the circle!").

Well... my boss just told me I should take off early, so I guess I should quit the shoegazing and instead just go live. An ever-useful reminder. Tonight I get to party with my best friend F, with whom I've been enjoying birthdays for going on 15 years. That's something to celebrate.

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