Monday, March 31, 2008

Philadelphia, or part of it.

Philadelphia this weekend. T and I left on Friday night, after a brief cross-legged pow-wow to discuss our strategy for tackling the various obligations and expectations that lay before us. The dog was pumped and ready to go.

Three stops on the way up: 7-11 in Hanover county for gas (mood: sour). Wawa in Fredericksburg for food and oil (mood: sheepish). Parents' house in Fairfax to drop off the dog and sleep, briefly (mood: relaxed).

Dad took us to Union Station. Made a conscious decision not to freak out about the time (4:45 am) on our way into the city. Dad said we'd better hurry, usually my line. I adopted his standard laid-back demeanor. "I trust you," I said. And we made it, albeit by the skin of our teeth.

Train ride fast. Snacks in the food car. Sleep on T's shoulder for the two-hour trip. We arrived in Philly, greeted by crazies in the station as we sat and waited for his bro to pick us up.

Twenty-five minutes pass. Bro calls, wants us to meet him and S in South Philly. First chance to invoke the policy of joint agreement. We decide to meet them in Center City instead, on our way to Temple.

Breakfast: delicious. S and I made our way to Temple. T and M went to dig a hole in somebody's back yard.

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