Thursday, August 4, 2011

Professional responsibility

I hope I have it. Because tomorrow morning, a mere 10 days after completing the dreaded, seizure-inducing-to-think-about bar exam, I am taking its much tamer, annoying little cousin: the MPRE. Yep. I was that person our Dean warned us not to be, the one that ignored emails and forgot deadlines and has thus been required to study for the week after the bar, while all my friends are off celebrating.

Ok, so I haven't been studying all week. But I have been studying all most of the day, yesterday and today, so that I feel somewhat more confident about knocking out this little portion of the wall that stands between me and my professional career.

So to recap:
Last Wednesday = last day of the bar
Friday = MPRE
Monday = starting new job

Yikes! Luckily, September 11 = week at the beach. I can not wait.

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