Monday, August 23, 2010

Back To School Cool

New school years. Fresh starts. This is the start of my third and final year of law school. My last fall semester ever starts tomorrow morning. I have my bookshelf cleared, old highlighters have been weeded out, my hair has been washed. I'm ready to begin again.

In the spirit of a new semester, I am making some resolutions, most of which have nothing to do with school. Maybe it's the 2 years of law school under my belt talking, but I just don't seem to care too much about grading curves or exam styles or anything like that. What I do care about is balance in my life. And taking care of myself. This may be the last time I have occasion to reevaluate those things, take a deep breath and Start Over, just because.

This semester, I resolve...
to stay off the internet during class.
to make a greater effort to cultivate real friendships.
to drink less.
to center my time around my marriage.
to put away the laptop when I'm at home.
to exercise more.
to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.
to work on staying mindful and remaining in the present.
to always refill my prescription on time.
to notice my feelings more and react to them less.
to love.

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