Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lessons learned

Some things I've learned over the course of my day (in no particular order):
- Downloading BitTorrent software onto my runs-like-new Macbook without having a clue what I'm doing will only lead to two things: frustration and a slower computer.
- When the computer battery is dead and I've left my charger at work (and T isn't available), I find myself disconcertingly unsure of what to do with myself.
- Taking a bath is a great way to recharge and reconnect with my thoughts... it just is.
- Sometimes I just need to stay away from T and give him his space.
- If T offers to let me use his Mac charger while it's connected to his elaborate office set-up, don't try to unplug the charger myself.
- When the choice is between waiting in the long line to get iced coffee in the morning or catching the earlier bus to work, it's okay to wait for the coffee. Just be prepared to have to work in the conference room because all the office spaces are taken.
- It may be a PITA to walk the 9 blocks to immigration court to file a motion for the senior attorney, but she'll show her appreciation at my willingness to do it. And she'll notice that the other intern said no because he didn't want to have to move his car.
- When I'm in the middle of a blog post and my irritable husband who has proclaimed a need to be left alone returns to his office, where my laptop is plugged into his charger, it's time to wrap it up.
- Lounging around the house in a bathrobe and a towel is not nearly as comfortable in reality as it seems when I'm convincing myself to get out of the bathtub.

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Brittany said...

Some of those lessons sound like a lot less fun than others! I adore a good bath. I went through a really anxious month in 2008, it was from starting a new medicine that could cause anxiety, and I took a bubble bath everyday for a month. I really do think it helped me chill out!