Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring break, burned-out-2L style

Spent this weekend doing almost no drinking, spending lots of time on the couch watching DVDs with T, and soaking in as much Vitamin D as I could while the weather remained warmish and sunny. It felt wonderful, especially after last weekend's crazy over the top adventures. Spring break couldn't have come at a better time. All I want to do is be snuggly and rest and work on crossword puzzles and play Super Mario Wii. Of course, I will actually be trying hard to outline the INA, understand the MRPC and figure out where the heck we are in Civ Pro II. But even school work feels enjoyable when I have a whole week off and the weather is getting warm and I'm getting enough sleep to make my days feel fresh.

I guess I'm just checking in for posterity. By the way, I have no idea if we are going to Guatemala in two days or not. It all depends on a couple of factors. If we go, it'll be amazing. If we don't go, it'll be more time and money for future adventures we have planned later on in the year. Either way, I won't be in class, and I'll be happy :)

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B said...

Enjoy your spring break! I wish I could rewind and repeat mine.