Thursday, January 7, 2010

Law School: the meme

I'm going to try my hand at a law blawg meme, because it beats the hell out of working on cover letters!

LAW SCHOOL: The Meme (a work in progress)
In class, have you ever:
Handwritten your notes? yes, it's all i do.
G-chatted? no.
...with other people in class?
...about things people are saying in class?
Secretly read classmates' computer screens? all the time.
Raised your hand? yes.
...during the last 5 minutes of class? yes...shh... correct a professor? no correct a classmate? no

In the library:
Earliest time you've arrived: 8:00 a.m.
Latest you've stayed: 12:15 a.m.
Favorite place to study: the first floor - it's less embarassing to fall asleep when everyone coming in and out can see you.
eaten in the library? yes
been given dirty looks? yes
been asked to move or be quiet? yes...sorry.
asked someone to move or be quiet? yes
witnessed someone flipping out? no, but i narrowly missed someone being escorted out by police once during finals
flipped out? not out loud
sabotaged a book or old exam? no way
been the victim of sabotage? i checked out a book and a couple pages were missing once..

During finals:
Longest time without showering: 5 days
Longest time without eating: 12 hours
Favorite procrastination method: cooking, wii, blogs
Favorite study aid: E&Es
Outlining: yes or no? yes
Study groups: yes or no? no, sadly
Earliest you've finished outlining: 5 days before an exam... usually it's hours before...
Most ridiculous thing you've been jealous of not being able to do: grocery shop
gone two or more days without changing? yes!
...underwear? ...yes...
gone two or more days without stepping outside? i don't think so...
had a meltdown in front of others? yes
...who? my BF/fiance/husband is the only one whose had the pleasure of witnessing them
wished you didn't go to law school? duh
avoided classmates? yes, i hate them during finals
avoided live-in significant others? yes, sorry T
avoided phone calls or visits from parents/loved ones? 12 new voice messages...yes!

Study habits:
Group or solo study? i study best alone
Best advice you've received about studying: just do the reading, don't worry about extra stuff, and you'll be on top of your game.
Do you...
highlight? yeah!
...How many colors? six
...What is your yellow highlighter for? Facts
...Green? Reasoning
...Blue? Issue / Question presented
brief cases? nope
...How far into the semester?
...In the book or separately? i kind of book brief sometimes
belong to a study group? No
finish most reading before class? Until the last third of the semester.

In general
"What kind of law do you want to practice?" - what's your standard answer: Public interest; immigration or employment law
On a scale of 1 to 10, rank your school: 7
Best food truck or eating option: 24-hour cookie truck
Ever been called a gunner? Yes! Can you believe it?!
If you hadn't gone to law school, what would you be doing right now? Living in VA, working in HR probably.
Belong to any clubs or extracurriculars? Yes
...what's one? NLG
Would you do it again? Yes, mos def

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