Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So... school's back in session. I'm now on the back half of this law school ride. Crazy.

I am not liking this whole first week back thing. First of all, I didn't have my schedule straight from the get-go, unlike in previous semester. I'm dropping and adding classes all over the damn place. That hasn't helped in the Buying Books department. I currently own only 1/3248th of the books I will need to survive this semester (i.e. the NITA case file for my trial ad class).

My corporation professor actually put in the syllabus that he teaches the "Socratic" method. Now, I actually like a professor that'll keep you on your toes. And Professor Inc. appears to be one of the funny ones. The only problem is that his humor is at the expense of us unsuspecting students. And since I don't have my casebook yet, I won't be prepared tomorrow when he makes an a$$ out of me. AND we only get two passes for the semester. It's not a good sign for a class when you start out scrambling.

And thus, life goes on as usual. Despite feeling like this year is off to a creaky-groany start, I'm still grateful for being back in routine. I've been cooking like crazy since last week, when I took a stab at planning a menu out ahead of time. (Last week's menu: burritos w/fresh avocado, homemade pizza, breakfast-for-dinner with fresh biscuits & bow-tie broccoli alfredo!) Yesterday I made a to-die-for (fake) chicken fried rice, and tonight T & I baked a black bean spinach pizza. Yum!

In a Super Mario Wii update, I am on level 5 but appear stuck at the Big Castle.

Sometime not long from now, I would like to empty out some words about this new laptop I got as an "early graduation present" and how different the law school experience has been since taking a computer to school. But not tonight. I think I need to start scheming my way out of humiliation in the morning.

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