Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy thanksgiving ya'll

the end of class today marked the beginning of a blissful two-day period of ignoring law school. i celebrated with my friend A by driving back to my neighborhood in the miserable gray cold, where we parked ourselves on a couple of bar stools and talked about our mock trials.

tonight, i will attempt to turn a long list of places to clean in my apartment into a fun and cozy game for T and I to share. we'll tackle the stove top, the corners of the bathtub, the pieces of nylabone in the carpet. i even hope to brave the tumultuous depths of my closet. all in an effort to be able to take pride in our newly-marital apartment when T's parents come up for the first time post-wedding.

then, after doing all that cleaning and hopefully sneaking in a trip to the grocery store (perhaps a bit ambitious considering it's quarter to nine as i type), we'll snuggle up to a couple episodes of deadwood while the weather outside continues its descent into winter.

tomorrow, i'll get up early to continue what i hope becomes a new thanksgiving tradition as long as we're in the Big City. i'll walk down to the Italian bakery a few blocks away and park myself in line for a few thanksgiving day treats to share with the family. the smells from the bakery will lure me in while i'm still halfway down the block. my mouth waters thinking of it.

and then, when i get back, after putting on the pot of coffee and eating the sugary treats with T, i'll start cooking. T will make his amazing green bean casserole. i'll make the baked sweet potatoes, glazed carrots and guacamole deviled eggs. we'll load the food up and bring it over to T-bro's house, meeting up with his parents somewhere along the way, and then we'll EAT.

last year, T's grandma was with us. this year, she's not. we'll keep her dear to our hearts, and try to appreciate one another a bit more this year.

happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

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