Wednesday, October 14, 2009

born (hispanic) in the usa

I'm vaguely embarassed about my last post. Specifically, I hope I didn't come off as whiny. I really was poking fun at myself by trotting out all these childhood stories to explain my messiness. In actuality, I think it's just part habit and part gene, as Cee said.

Anyway, on to other news. Today I went to our local Hispanic Bar Association reception for scholarship recipients. Although I did not receive a scholarship, I did receive a free invitation to schmooze, partake in free drinks, eat a gazillion arepas and other deliciosos, and interact with my boss, classmates and some local judges on a more personal level. The best part (for me) was when the honoree of the evening, top brass in the legal department at a large corporation, mentioned Luis Eduardo Ramirez in his call for Latinos to be vigilant about the tone of debate on immigration in the upcoming year, as new legislation will take the forefront and hate crimes are already on the rise. Just to hear someone mention his name in person, to acknowledge that horrific crime, brought tears to my eyes.

I've been feeling sensitive lately. Can you tell?


CP said...

I have been super sensitive lately too! I'm worried about that because last time I was uber sensitive, I cried while watching "I am Legend" when the evil zombie things were dying and later discovered I was pregnant. Just saying, you might want to stay away from pregnant people unless you want to catch something :)

je said...

LOL... okay, thank you for the warning!! That is quite possibly the best "oops.. thought I was sad, turns out I was pregnant" story yet. I haven't cried over any evil dead yet, so I'm probably on the right side of the double pink lines. But I'll be watching your blog for any announcements :)