Monday, September 7, 2009

long weekend short post

nothing much going on here. my best friend and her husband came to visit for a couple days, which was pretty awesome. i love when people come to stay with us and i get to see my neighborhood through a fresh set of eyes. makes me feel pretty grateful for where i live. i especially love when people come from virginia, with their unspoken tales of cool breezes, green hills and long drives.

they brought their dogs, which added some fun but also made the entire visit a little more exhausting than it normally would've been. since they left, i have taken a long nap (3+ hours), talked to my bro on the phone, cooked from the awesome earmarked copy of the Moosewood cookbook that a friend mailed us as a wedding gift, won my first (half) game of trivial pursuit, drank pink zinfandel and half-heartedly hit on the Hubbard who responded with half-hearted interest. it's been a lazy night. i like it.

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