Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My life in browsing history...

Just got back from a bbq with some friends from law school. I have to say, it was pretty awesome hanging out in a non-academic setting, just chilling and drinking PBRs and eating hot dogs that we semi-grilled in the dark to the light of a flashlight and some fireflies. In a spontaneous fit of invincibility, I volunteered myself for babysitting duty for a few hours tomorrow, so one of my law school friends can take his sister and her husband to tour a local prison, which allows no children under the age of 7. I've only met the Toddler once, that is, tonight. But wedding stress aside, I see kids so rarely these days that I'll pretty much leap at any opportunity to hang out with one. Babysitting for a few hours when I have a million things to do? No problem! Perfect excuse to go for a walk to a playground and buy an ice cream from that place on the corner I've been meaning to try out!

I've come up with other great forms of keeping the stress at bay. Like this one:

Top 5 things in my browsing history:
1. WebMD: Because where else do you go after you've spent a night camping, and you're pretty sure it's not a big deal that your hamstrings are killing you, and you're only a little less sure that it's normal to have a non-stop muscle twitch in your arm, but you better just double check in case it's a degenerative musculo-skeletal disease?

2. ALS Talk: Because where else but a support group/bulletin board for a degenerative musculo-skeletal diease do you end up after you've spent 5 minutes on WebMD?

3. Our wedding website: Just in case we got any last minute comments on our comment page...

4. Uh...this place: Contains the answer to all your (okay, MY) beef curtain questions.

5. The Weather Channel: A waste of time.


CP said...

your wedding website is beautiful!!! I love it! Cute story too :)

JD-Maybe said...

I thought to myself...does she mean beef curtains as in beef curtains....no...then I follow the link and OH MY GOSH! Coffee shot out of my nose. that is hilarious.