Monday, February 23, 2009

two hearts, one computer

my computer busted about two weeks ago. i know it's been about two weeks because the last time i used it was to watch episode 4 of lost. one night i'm happily curled up in bed watching shirtless sawyer in streaming hi-def, and the next night i'm obsessively unplugging and replugging my monitor to figure out why it won't come on.

fast forward two weeks and the situation is getting dire. last night, around 1 in the morning, i'm laying in bed when i remember i have a conference with my writing professor in the morning. i jump out of bed to use T's computer for the umpteenth time to print out my brief draft.

when i get back to bed, our conversation goes something like this:

me - "thanks for letting me use your computer"
T - "i've been trying to make my office uninviting. have you noticed all the piles of stuff all over the floor?"
me - "yeah, i noticed."
T - "it's a very precarious set up that only i can handle. i made it that way on purpose so other people will stay out."
me - "and by other people, you mean me."
T - "i mean you. i'm tired of you leaning on my desk. ever since your computer broke, it's been wobbly."
me - "you're crazy."
T - "i bet you slammed the computer shut. i heard you in there, leaving fingerprints all over the screen."
me - "i liked it better when you had a pc."

luckily, my parents are coming this weekend and i plan to hijack my dad to fix my computer. hopefully the world (read: T's desk) won't fall apart before then.

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CP said...

omg, he sounds like my husband! my husband is so anal about his things! I hope your computers gets better!