Monday, January 19, 2009


I actually went searching for memes just now, because what else would I be doing (other than reading my Con Law assignment for Wednesday)? T's gone out to buy ingredients for a pizza. Last time he did that, he ended up writing, "Marry Me?" on the pizza in green peppers. I wonder what he'll do this time? I'm hoping for "Some pig!"

It's been snowing all day. For some unexpected but pleasant reason, the cold got a whole lot bearable at the exact moment the snow started to fall. I could draw an analogy to my menstrual cycle, but I think it draws itself. Aren't I funny?

The weekend has just been so enjoyable. School starting back up again hasn't been a drag. It's been a welcome return to routine. I like the reading and compared to the nails-down-a-chalkboard disagreeable nature of finals, the beginning of the semester is a cakewalk. I'm trying not to enjoy it too much, as I should be starting to outline already (according to my Civ Pro professor anyway).

But I've had plenty of time to do such fun things as: watch football on a widescreen t.v., make friends with people who like playing Settlers of Catan (J & P, we miss you!), drive to the suburbs to see T's best friend's band play its first gig, go out and drink too much with my future bro-in-law and his GF, see a great movie and eat amazing noodles on a date with my hot future husband. I even got my Property reading done! Tonight there is a birthday party downtown for some classmates, the perfect excuse to toast the end of GW Bush's presidency. Tomorrow, a day of total celebration! And of course, Wednesday marks the true excitement: Lost returns! (I got the date right on that, right?)

So, I'm feeling pretty good today, even if I haven't set foot outside.

Oh yeah, and here's my meme:

Four Jobs I've Had
1. Chinese food delivery person
2. AmeriCorps Alums intern
3. Sound technician
4. Safety coordinator

Four Movies I Can Watch Over And Over
1. Don't Be A Menace (To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In Tha Hood)
2. Southpark: The Movie (okay, it's been a while... this one may have run its course)
3. Amores Perros
4. City of God

Four Places I've Lived
1. Fairfax County, VA
2. Durham, NC
3. North of the Mason-Dixon line
4. Richmond, VA

Four TV Shows I Love
1. Six Feet Under
2. The Wire
3. Wife Swap
4. Bernie Mac

Four Places I've Vacationed
1. Colombia (South America)
2. Costa del Sol, Spain
3. Driving across the country in a family sedan with parents and a little brother, sleeping in motels and parking lots behind gas stations.
4. Niagara Falls

Four Of My Favorite Dishes
1. My mom's chicken and rice
2. Pizza
3. Black beans and rice
4. Fudge brownie a la mode

Four Sites I Visit Daily
1. JE Guide to Life

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
1. Sitting on the couch reading Con Law
2. Already at the bar
3. Hanging out with friends from home
4. Out to dinner with my parents and brother


Jackie pst! said...

Ok, a couple of things.

It always takes me a while to read your blog, because I always forget about my google reader for a month at a time. However, I read this out within two days of your posting, which is convenient.

1. I love your Charlotte's Web joke.

2. I love your menstrual cycle joke.

3. Your "We miss you J + P" was perfect timing, I had just read the thing about Cattan and was really sad about being replaced. Good job with the emotional attentiveness.

4. I am writing my 8-10 page grad school essay and thinking of you in my pain.

KG said...

Aww - I miss "Six Feet Under." Like "The Sopranos," I had to stop watching after a while because it got so bizarre and lame.

And wait - you'd rather be reading Con Law? You're a sick woman!