Sunday, December 14, 2008

Staying one step ahead (of myself)

It's 12:42 pm. That means the sun is still kind of shining through the front windows of my apartment. That means its relatively early in the day. So I've come up with this plan: if I post here early, I won't spend time later in the day trolling around the blog, thinking about whether to post. Because I wouldn't dare post twice in one day, right? Right??

I'm not sure if I seriously wasted the day yesterday, or it just feels like it because I finally got to King Koopa on Super Mario Bros. 3. Considering all I had to do was read contracts all day, and considering T's trip to Richmond has left me with the whole apartment to myself, it's understandable that I would go back and forth between the E&E and Wii.

But what I'm really doing is killing time until Monday. My exam is Tuesday, but on Monday, exciting things are going to happen around here. "Exciting" as in I-am-not-stressing-exams-that-much-because-I'm-distracted -by-my-excitement "exciting." So. Til then: no more posting.

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