Monday, December 1, 2008

the big picture

Today it was rainy and I accidentally slept until 12:50. When I woke up and heard the wind slapping rain against the windows, I knew I wasn't dragging myself over to campus to study for my one pass/fail exam on Thursday. (Must study at school because my book, which I haven't opened in months, is still in my locker.) It was an "in" day. So I stayed in.

T made a delicious breakfast, like our old-school breakfasts from Richmond, minus the fake meat that we haven't been able to bring ourselves to buy up here. (And at $5.00 for four sausage patties, can you blame us?) We played pool on the Wii, my brand-new present to myself for getting into law school seven months ago. Afterward, I took a luxuriously long hot shower. The kind of hot shower that can only be appreciated on a cold rainy day after days upon days of studying in a dirty pink bathrobe. And I even got dressed!

With such a good start to the day, I managed to get a lot of outlining done. For the first time since perhaps the very beginning of the semester (if then), all the pieces feel like they are coming together with torts. I hate saying this, but I kind of enjoy outlining. It's a step back, a chance to see the Big Picture of the course. And for me, it's in seeing the big picture that I can appreciate the value of a confusing, sometimes painful, occasionally hilarious but mostly just complicated concept. If it weren't for the big picture, I'd be screwed. So yeah, outlining is coming along, and so is everything else.

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