Monday, October 13, 2008

Making sausages

This morning in contacts...
Professor K: "[Random student], what do you think of the defendant's argument?"
Random student: "I think it's bullshit."
Professor K: "How old were you in 1987?"
Random student: "One."

Two laughs for the price of one!

And since I'm at it, let me just flip through my notes for other tidbits from class of the things that pass for humor these days...

Random student: "What if somebody pushed the guy out of the 10th story window, and then someone in the 5th floor saw him falling and shot him as he passed by the window, and killed him?"
Class: [laughter]
Professor Crim: "I'm sure whatever we laugh at there has been a situation somewhere where that's happened."

Wisdom from Professor Tort:
[Re: the emergency exception] "Fall to the ground and be sound. Stay put and kaput."
"The last thing in the world you should ever do is rely on somebody's promise to put you in their will."
"You can't eat a fish twice!"

Professor Crim on hypos: "This is not like making sausages!"

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