Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today I lost my subway pass. Well... lost, or it was stolen. I'm convinced it was stolen, as I left it in my backpack at the gym and it was gone when I came back. On the other hand, my (broken) phone and my wallet were still in my backpack. However, the pass and my student ID were in a side pocket that was easily accessible. And I stupidly picked a locker without a lock.

I filed a police report. Blah-di-blah. I'm hoping the transportation people will hook me up tomorrow if I ask nicely. Otherwise, I'm out about $300. Damn!

Law school budget is starting to wear thin. I'm having a hard time adjusting from my former lifestyle of a regular, comfortable income with plenty of padding to one of transferring $350 (after rent) into my checking account each month. I had some extra cash in the checking when I started on this whole adventure, so I'm hoping that'll last me. But I'm not sure, given that my car insurance for my *garaged* car is $40/month, my phone will be about $70 and my health insurance will be about $80. Plus the money I contribute to our utilities, etc. Yeah. That's not much left over.

The way I'm living now, a public interest attorney salary will be a godsend if I survive these three years. Of course, that's not factoring in the student loan repayments. Whatever. It's late. I should be worrying about all the Torts I have to catch up on.

So what else? My other blog is thriving. I am having fun updating it each day. And I had a really nice evening blowing off school work and playing Boggle with T tonight. We also went over to a bar around the corner to watch the Eagles/Cowboys game with a friend who happened to be passing through town. It was a lively scene, complete with screaming, hooting and fist pumping. I love football season.

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