Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is it a beard? Is it a blog?

Everybody should spend some time on the 20 Questions website. It reads your mind, and if it doesn't, it's still very amusing! For kicks... I am going to play and enter every question and response here, to see if it can guess that I am thinking of a blog. Ready? Go!

1) Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Other, Unknown? Other
2) Can you control it? Yes
3) Is it found on a desk? No
4) Does it bring joy to people? Sometimes
5) Does it move? No
6) Is it delicious? No
7) Can you switch it on and off? No
8) Can you play with it? No
9) Does it smell sweet? No
10) Does it come in a box? No
11) Is it manufactured? No
12) Would you be lost without it? No
13) Is it comforting? Doubtful
14) Is it colorless? No
15) Is it small? Irrelevant
16) Do you use it at work? Sometimes
17) Is it flat? Irrelevant
18) Does it provide protection? No
19) Do most people use this daily? No
20) I am guessing that it is a party? Wrong
21) Is it outside? No
22) Can it cheer you up? Sometimes
23) Can you buy it? No
24) Does it have physical substance? No
25) Can it affect you? No
26) Is it a specific color? No
27) Is it lifeless? Yes
28) Does it use numbers? No
29) I am guessing that it is a beard? No
30) I am guessing that it is a question mark? No

You won! What you were thinking of is not in my knowledgebase.

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