Monday, April 21, 2008

The rodeo

It's been a while since I posted. My mind is a-swirl with the noise of a thousand questions, formulas, anxious predictions. Many are too personal to divulge on a public blog. None are of crisis proportions. All involve the direction in which I am attempting to steer this bulky ship that is my life. Austin? Philadelphia? Chicago? Richmond? Law school? 10 years of debt? 20 years of debt? Savings? Family? House? Car? Bus? Obama? Clinton? Kitchen sink?

The list goes on.

Maybe the ship analogy wasn't a very good one. T is the sea-faring expert, so let me stick to what I know: life is feeling like one those mechanical bulls you see at the state fair, kicking into high gear as I clutch my arms around it's fake neck. Some grizzled-looking cowboy is grinning from behind the controls, shouting, "Hang on tight, now!" Kind of fun, kind of terrifying, but mostly just fast and dizzying.

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