Friday, February 22, 2008

Everybody else is doing it so why can't I?

Everybody else has a blog. It used to be that everybody else had a LiveJournal.

Well, much like a half-filled diary that hasn't been touched since the ninth grade, it just feels wrong to go back to writing in my LJ, even though I do like the idea of such a long string of continuity. I think I left off there somewhere in 2005, but the meat of that journal really falls to my junior and senior years of college when life was crazier and much more dramatic.

Still, I like to think that at the age of 26, with 27 fast approaching, I still have things to say. Semi-formed thoughts, fleeting ideas and off-the-cuff rants should always have a place in this world to call home. Besides, blogs keep you honest.

Important things are happening in my life. So why shouldn't I keep a public record of it so friends, family and future versions of me can follow along?

Top three themes:
1) Law school
2) Joint managing grown up life
3) Lost

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